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Mar 13 2013

Letting Go Of “My Story of Us”

Forgiveness. It’s sometimes easier said than done. I’ve struggled with it at times in my life. I’m not talking about forgiving innocent slights- like when someone steps on your foot or shuts the door on you having not seen you there. I’m not talking about simple offences that stem from immaturity or lack of understanding; …

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Aug 12 2012

Finally!! The Benefits of Life After 40 and How I Don’t Care.

A few years ago, I watched some children playing on the swings at the park. One little girl bent her upper body way back as she glided, her hair dragged across the ground with each pass. One little boy bent forward over the swing, on his belly, with arms and legs dangling on each side. …

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Jul 16 2012

Who says you can’t choose your family??

My sister stopped over the other day. She wears flowers in her hair, everyday. In winter, she wears a halo of them around her hat. She rides her bike everywhere; her legs are stronger than any athlete. Her eyes are as blue as …. Well, when I painted her before I had to use a …

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Jul 12 2012

Starting over and getting back in balance.

I started over yesterday just like I said I would. Isn’t that a great thing. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, you can just choose to start over at any time, any place and at any hour of the day. I reread some of my posts in the last month or …

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Jul 08 2012

Advice To My Children – Lesson 4 -Toxic People

Toxic People.  We all know a few. They are the ones that make you feel less than what you are. They are the ones that take pleasure in your pain and do their best to keep you there. They aren’t happy for you when you realize a dream or find true love or get that …

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Jul 06 2012

What a difference a day makes or an hour makes or a minute…

Yesterday was not a good post day. I must apologize to anyone who was looking for something inspiring. I probably should have come right back into my admin page and deleted my earlier post but I was too busy eating my cookies. About 5 minutes after I published my post, my husband arrived home with a box …

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Jul 04 2012

Nifty Shades of Grey.

My husband has an aunt. She wears hats. Bright ones, glittery ones and more recently a bright white one with a sparkling tiara attached. It is complete with feathery trim and flickering lights. She’s the sister of his father who also wears a hat. She used to be a red head. Now she is a …

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Jun 26 2012

My God Box

John Mayers opening lines to the song “Clarity”…. that’s me in a nutshell sometimes! I have this old cigar box. I bought it at an antique shop years ago. I don’t even know if it’s that old or if it was just made to look that way. It doesn’t matter, it looks mysterious, like it …

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Jun 21 2012

Oh the places you’ll go and the people you’ll meet….

When Angels Come knocking…. A few weeks ago, there was a knock on the door. It was mid afternoon and I had just finished meditating. I’m doing that a lot lately to balance myself in this period of change and upheaval.  I had been reflecting earlier in the day on all of the things that have been leaving my life. …

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Jun 19 2012

You could be a pilot or a doctor or a mechanic or a lawyer…..Everything is possible!

I never say I can’t, I just naturally assume that I can. If it doesn’t seem likely, I am always aware that it is still entirely possible. I never say I can’t unless I’ve tried something and found that I couldn’t. Even then, I am left with the notion that although I couldn’t today, with …

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Jun 14 2012

Making Lemonade out of Lemons- A Trip to the Neurologist

I took my Mom to the neurologist today. When I arrived to pick her up, she was waiting on the porch and bumbled down the stairs before I even pulled into the driveway. I rolled down my window and called out to her, “Mom, stop! Where is your walker, what are you doing?” She fluffed …

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Jun 10 2012

From here on in, this is how it will go down…

I don’t want to sensor myself. Yet I find myself doing just that. I know some people who stumble upon this blog just want a bit of a lift. There is a part of me who sees life with humour and I have lots of great outlooks to share. I generally have a good disposition …

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Jun 10 2012

Can a post be directly placed into a category without being published as new?

That is my question and as a trial I will try to post this little note in my lessons learned category. If it shows up as a new post for everyone to see, then I guess my lesson is learned. If you like it, click here!0

May 12 2012

Restoring balance for Mother’s Day.

I’m having a pretty decent Mother’s day weekend. It started yesterday. My daughter and I hung out. I was heading to the store in the afternoon. She suggested we walk there together. I was a little tired. I didn’t feel much like going for a walk.  I thought about it for a minute. She had been so …

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May 04 2012

The Girl I Was

I love being in my 40’s. I love it. I feel braver and freer and most of the time don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I used to care a great deal but it was much too exhausting to keep up with everyone’s idea of who I should be. Absolutely exhausting. Sometimes I am …

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