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Jul 08 2012

Advice To My Children – Lesson 4 -Toxic People

Toxic People.  We all know a few. They are the ones that make you feel less than what you are. They are the ones that take pleasure in your pain and do their best to keep you there. They aren’t happy for you when you realize a dream or find true love or get that …

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Jul 01 2012

A lullabye to get you through- advice from Mom lesson 3

“All We Are” by Kim MItchell. Sometimes, words don’t help but a theme song will. When your heart is broken and that will happen; when everything is changing and that’s a certainty; when no one seems to have the answers and sometimes there aren’t any; find a theme song and hang on to it for …

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Jun 26 2012

My God Box

John Mayers opening lines to the song “Clarity”…. that’s me in a nutshell sometimes! I have this old cigar box. I bought it at an antique shop years ago. I don’t even know if it’s that old or if it was just made to look that way. It doesn’t matter, it looks mysterious, like it …

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Jun 22 2012

Advice from Mom Lesson 2- $hit does happen. Be prepared.

I have to keep it short. My kids don’t have the interest to read long posts. My daughter says I’m too wordy, too many adjectives etc. I’ll sum it up then.   Lesson Two: Let’s talk about Life   You will be born Lots of $hit is gonna happen You’ll get older and then think …

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Jun 19 2012

You could be a pilot or a doctor or a mechanic or a lawyer…..Everything is possible!

I never say I can’t, I just naturally assume that I can. If it doesn’t seem likely, I am always aware that it is still entirely possible. I never say I can’t unless I’ve tried something and found that I couldn’t. Even then, I am left with the notion that although I couldn’t today, with …

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Jun 11 2012

Listen to your mother…..Walk with a Purpose!

I decided to start leaving quick access to advice for my kids seeing as another one is leaving the nest to find work because THIS FREAKING CITY IS RIDICULOUS WITH THE LACK OF JOBS….AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!! This way, I figure they can get a hold of me day or night and have a sort of handy dandy …

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May 24 2012

A Lesson in Fashion or How I Got My Son To Pull His Pants Up

I try not to judge. Especially when it comes young people and their appearances. I try not to comment on my children’s fashion choices. I was young once, I get it. Sometimes you just want to experiment or express yourself creatively through the clothes or the hairstyles or the makeup you wear or even the tattoos that you …

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