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My life as an artist

I never really planned on being anything else other than what I felt I already was. I knew I was an artist by the time I was 13. I had always been creative and I already knew that I thought differently than a lot of the people around me.  I was always immersed in some act of creation. I was a pretty crafty kid spending hours making small figures out of the acorns that had fallen on our boulevard or making a jewellery box out of an old cardboard box that had just held the iron that my father had purchased for my mother. I glued fabric and sparkles all over it in a gaudy display of my artistic abilities.

I attended a Catholic grade school and back then, religion was taught everyday, at times all day should the class be preparing for a sacrament that we might be receiving in the following weeks. The prep was in class, everyday, as a class.

I was in Grade 8 and preparing for my confirmation. Our teacher assigned each one of us a gift of the Holy Spirit to study its meaning and to create a poster of our interpretation of that gift.  I was given the gift of Fortitude- not only a gift of the Holy Spirit but a Cardinal Virtue.  Fortitude is the virtue that allows us to overcome fear and to remain steady in our will in the face of obstacles. I quickly went to task and absorbed myself in a depiction of a person running and hopping over hurdles that had been placed on a long and winding path.

I remember finishing my project and noting how much time had passed by while doing it. I had become completely unaware of the time and my surroundings. It was already the end of the school day. I looked to my left and my right and behind me to see my other classmates work. It struck me how different my work was compared to others.  The composition was larger than every one else’s, the colours more varied. I had textured the path and the grass. My human figure was quite detailed and realistic compared to the stick people and cartoon figures most everyone else had drawn. I knew there was something special that had just occurred. I had a feeling that I had just been given or discovered a gift, other than the one of fortitude.

A week later, I was at the local arts and crafts store buying a sketchpad and charcoal pencils with my babysitting money. I spent the entire summer drawing everything and anything. I declared to myself that I was an artist and felt more comfortable than I ever had. It was truly Divine.

I didn’t share this with anyone for a few years, keeping this my own little secret while I honed my skills. I opted out or completely forgot about parties I was supposed to attend in favour of spending the evening at home in my room drawing and painting. By now I had taken up watercolour and taught myself how to use the medium.

I never gave any other career choice a thought. I knew I was created to create. I never explained my choice to anyone; I didn’t feel I had a choice.  Despite the warning of my parents that it might not be a reasonable and financially smart occupation, I pursued it anyway attending University in the Fine Arts Program, I met many obstacles to pursuing my vocation, including that dastardly professor I had written of in an earlier post and the many times I was swayed to put my brush down due to financial difficulties and a growing family.

I told an artist friend of mine it was like a bad addiction. No matter the late hours I kept or the excessive amount of hours to complete a job for small amounts of pay at times, I just couldn’t stop.

This blogging is just another creative path I’m on. It feels exactly the same as I do when I paint only I am creating the composition with words.  

I hope you’re enjoying my blog as much as I enjoy writing it and I hope you take a moment to visit my gallery page.

So here it is again, a link to my art website.

I hope you enjoy it.

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