Dec 30 2013

Nothing left to do but blog!

Nothing left to do but blog!

I kind of sort of missed Christmas. Not just the one day but all the days leading up to it. All 12 of them before and the two afterward

I had the influenza. Not just the flu. The INFLUENZA.

I now know with all certainty that I have never had the influenza before.

It’s a dreadful thing.

If I could illustrate it, it would definitely be a dark figure in a cloak much like that robed figure on the cover of that Led Zeppellin album or the ghost of Christmas future- the one that gave old Ebeneezer the willies.

Things got so bad that I didn’t even have the strength to get to the computer to make a Facebook status about it. ( I don’t actually do that- I may be pretty open but it’s usually in retrospect-I do have some limits)

It was so bad that during the last two weeks, no pets were saved on that pet rescue game that I play. Nope, not a single one.

Slightly ashamed I do admit to occasionally spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to rescue cyber cartoon pets- usually when I am feeling less than in control of a situation that might be going on in my real life. I’ve tried to hide this coping skill but sadly I haven’t quite got a grip on how to adjust my privacy settings. My newsfeed is loaded with notifications of my pet saving progress or lack thereof. I swore when I started this app that I would never ask for help from my friends but in recent months I’ve had to admit that I have broken down- twice.

I don’t like to ask for help.

Yet, sometimes you have to.

Especially when you’re stuck on level 28 because the bridge has collapsed. And you’re left standing there wondering, why now? Why this bridge? You followed all the rules of the game, you collected all the tools and completed every task asked of you. Not only did you complete each level but you did so well that you were awarded three stars for most of them.

and didn’t you just receive bonus gold bars and a wire mesh cutter with a promise of a new level opening.

All you have to do is continue on the path you’re on.

And you do….with vigour and enthusiasm….until……that darn bridge just randomly collapses.

Sometimes in life we do get stuck.

At such an impasse, it’s hard to know what to do. There are always choices. These choices all have pros and cons.

Choice 1. Ask for help. (As the game suggests)

One little click on the keyboard and an all points bulletin is sent out to those on your friends list.

This holds the benefit of providing immediate relief and some much needed answer or resolution to the problem or obstacle one is facing.
It also provides a feeling of connection knowing that one doesn’t have to journey alone. There are others who have been down this path you are on before and have met the same obstacles. Their acceptance of the request and assistance is confirmation that they not only understand but are cheering you on and forward.

The downside-

1. Everyone will know you are stuck

2. This not only exposes your weakness for a particular computer game but also reveals that on some levels, you just don’t have the tools necessary to overcome this particular hurdle.

3. Realizing that although you sent out 50 requests for help, (some of whom you remember sending a life or clue to to help them overcome their obstacle), many of them ignored your notification for assistance.

4. In opening up about your plight, it’s possible that some might judge, might even scoff or delight in your present obstacle.
How could you possible get stuck at that level?
They might brag that for them it was the easiest one.
or……they would never find themselves in your position( because they are too self righteous and would lecture that they use their time effectively and wouldn’t dream of involving themselves in such trivial matters.)
Or…they finished that level eons ago and refuse to share how they got past the bridge because ….well…..they are just too self involved to give back.

OK! OK! I know I am reading way more into this than I should but it’s still a good analogy .

The upside of the downside .- you do realize who your true mates are.

Now for choice 2. Buy your way out.

It’s an easy way for sure. The cost seems pretty low- only 99 cents and you can move on and no one has to know. Instant gratification !

The con- You have to pay by credit card. A dollar here and a dollar there can amount to huge debt . Think about the interest you’ll be paying long after you think you’ve beat the game.

Choice 3. Let time pass

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you just have to let time pass.
You may not be able to ask for help. You away not have the resources to buy your way out. You may not have any friends on your friends list.
It doesn’t matter. The game is set up to eventfully default to a spontaneous repairing of the bridge and a return to the game. I don’t know why this happens and there is no reason as to the varied lengths of time before this kicks in. Sometimes it’s only a day or two. Other times it’s a week or longer.
Eventually though, the path does clear.

The only con I can think of is, sometimes it’s hard to wait. Especially when you can clearly see by the icons that everyone else seems to be moving ahead.

You can’t get discouraged. Just keep your eyes on your own game.

The final choice. 4 ( it’s related to choice 3) The mystery quest!

Sometimes letting time pass allows for perspective and makes it possible to slow down and take a second look. It’s then that you might discover an alternate way or solution to your problem. You might discover “The Mystery Quest” as an option and you had never noticed it before. It might be a task that is required of you prior to moving forward, something that you have to complete first.

The pros of it- It gives you hope and allows you to feel a little more in control, like maybe there is something you can do to help yourself out of this jam.

The cons- I don’t know yet seeing as I just found this little option while I was down and out with the influenza and letting time pass.

I’m a little nervous moving forward but it’s worth a try.

I guess what I’m saying is this. Life is full of bumps in the road, road blocks and broken bridges. the good thing is, we still have choices and even when there seems to be no choices, we can let time pass and start again another day. There is peace in that.


I’ve been ill and housebound for way too long and what I think is profound now, I may have to delete…after some time passes.

The real reason I blog today…

During the great Influenza of 2013, I had little energy to do anything but think. With its complications I got to thinking about “do overs”.
Is there anything I would change.
Was there really anything that I wished I hadn’t done or said?
Was there anything that I would do differently?
Yes…just one.
and so…I have returned to my blog.

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