Feb 27 2013

While you wait for spring!

Spring is really on its way.  At first glance it’s a little hard to tell, what with the couple inches of slushy snow that fell last night.   The key word here is slush and slush means not completely frozen which means warm snow and warmer snow means warmer temps which means SPRING!!!!!!!!!

If you stand outside right now, it isn’t as cold as it’s been.  There’s a wee bit of spring that has drifted in with the crisper air. Go ahead….. open your front door and stand out on your porch or your balcony and take one really deep breath in- it even smells like spring…….go ahead….I’ll wait.

(whistling while I wait)

Spring is even drifting into the far and frozen land where my daughter lives.  Her weekend was a balmy minus 2 degrees.  It was warm enough that the snow that was once even with her main entrance to her home had melted enough to reveal one of the steps to her porch. “Only 4 more to go”, she said.

It’s hard to be patient while we wait for spring.  There’s always that rocky period from end of February to mid march when the weather will shift and change on a dime.  One day you’re considering storing away your winter boots and by day’s end you’re digging through your dresser for your long johns.

It can be disheartening, waiting and wondering if winter will ever end.

If you have the means, this is the time that some people take off on holiday for a week or two- to escape the end of winter blues.

If you don’t have the means to vacation in the tropics- no worries; I think I’ve developed a pretty good coping strategy that will leave you feeling inspired and refreshed.  

You will need:

An article of spring/summer clothing ( preferably a good memory clothing item- one that you’re comfortable in, like a light cotton t-shirt or even your bathing suit- it doesn’t matter as long as you remember relaxing or laughing in it) You can even take out your flip flops.

Something comfortable to recline on – like a reclining chair or a couch or even your bed- the key is that it has to be situated in front of a window in your home that lets a lot of light in.

A radio or a cd player (some cd’s with a mix of summery songs is best)

Some type of summery drink- iced tea or lemonade or whatever you drink that reminds you of summer

One sunny day ( even if it’s only sunny for an hour or two)

Your imagination


Here’s what you do:

First you have to pack winter away.  That means going into your closet and pulling out your thickest winter sweaters and pants.  Then pack ‘em! (You can keep a few transitional sweaters out just in case it’s chilly- just make sure they are of a brighter, cheerier colour and texture) Store them out of your sight- you’re going into spring mode, there’s no looking back.

Then, from your spring summer storage, pull to the front of your closet and drawers, a few of your cute t-shirts and some lighter jeans and pants.  Try to find something pastel and keep it prominent in your closet to remind you every day of the warmer weather coming and that you’ll need your light cotton t’s sooner than you think.

If you can, pick up a new pair of bright white running shoes.  Even those little canvas ones that only cost a couple of dollars will do. Nothing says spring like a white canvas shoe- then wear them, even if it’s only in the house.

While you wait for a day of sun, slowly incorporate the brighter or pastel colours into your wardrobe- even if you wear the spring t-shirt under your sweater- it’ll be your secret pledge of optimism that spring is on its way.

When the sun arrives…………..

Do not pay attention to any remaining drifts of snow or dripping icicles. Focus on the sun.

Get to the window and open your curtains wide.  Put your hand on the glass and feel the heat.

Then set up the place where you are going to recline- where the sun is beaming in the brightest. You may have to move your cat or your dog out of the spot, they always seem to find the sweet ones- just scoot him over- you can share.

High tail it to your room and put on that spring/summer wear.  Grab that summer drink and pop that music into the cd player.

Then lay there,in your window, basking in the sun. Feel the warmth on your skin and let your mind drift to that beach or cottage that you sometimes visit in the summer- or one that you would want to.  Let yourself experience all of spring and summer. Imagine the smells and the sounds of the birds chirping. Imagine the splashing of the waves as your eyes squint from the suns glare.  If it’s warm enough, open the window a crack just to let the fresh air in. Let your imagination take you to the best summer memories that you remember or the ones that you want to create.  Don’t get up until you’ve drifted long enough to feel the benefits- like the way that you would feel had you really spent the day laying in the sun on a warm sanded beach.

We all know the benefits, the way our body feels after a delicious nap. We all know how good it feels when the quiet comes after a long and busy day or when we’ve left the craziness of our everyday lives and taken a much needed vacation.  The body feels stronger, the mind clearer, our hearts lighter. We feel more in control, that those things that once overwhelmed us seem so much smaller.

The cool thing is that the body doesn’t know the difference between fact and fiction. It will act according to our thoughts.

Thinking about stressful things and concentrating on the possibility of an emergency sets the body in motion for emergencies. Try it! Think about something sad and within minutes, you’ll be feeling low and probably shedding a tear.  Think about something scary and you’ll notice your heart racing, your breath quickening and a creepy crawly feeling in your body.  Then think of something beautiful and wonderful happening, like someone telling you that whatever you are worried about is not going to happen, if fact, everything is going to be fine and you don’t have to worry about it ever again- then feel the relief in your body and just try to stop that smile from spreading across your face.

See…..none of the above scenarios happened but your body reacted to each one as if it did.

You don’t have to fly to the tropics to feel the benefit of a much needed break or vacation.  You don’t have to be lying on the beach to enjoy a day at the beach.  You can do that any day that the sun is shining- in your window, with your dog or your cat, with a tall drink and wearing your daisy dukes and flip flops. You have all the means at your disposal for a wonderful break and a mini vacation.

I took a small vacation this morning. Outside my window, the ground is covered in white slush but I was at the beach, on the edge of a small cottage town. Somehow I ended up riding a horse along that beach as the waves rushed in and the sun was setting. My skin was so tanned and my abs…..they looked fantastic!!!!!

The best part is, you can travel anywhere, still have all the comforts of home and it won’t cost you a penny.

Just something to do while you wait for spring!

Thank you Mungo Jerry for making some great summer memories.

Feel free to suggest songs from your own spring/summer playlist.

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  1. Karen

    You have such a good spirit Connie. Im so glad we met!!!

    1. Constance Stewart Meloche

      You too Karen!

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