Feb 19 2013

You are an amazing being; A living, breathing miracle!!!!!!

You are a miracle.

It’s true.

Do you realize what it took to get you here?

Do you realize the stuff you are made of? Not the stuff you acquired along the way. I’m talking about the stuff that you already were, are and always will be regardless of your station in life, regardless of any and all circumstance, regardless of where you came from or the life you have lived thus far.  And you can’t argue it; you can’t say that you are an exception to the rule. And you can’t say, “oh no, not me, maybe that’s true for someone else but sadly, it’s not true for me.”  You can’t! It is what it is.  You are one tough cookie. You are a force. You are an amazing being; A living, breathing miracle.

Yeah baby!!!!!

Here’s the thing………

What it took to get you here

Certain circumstances had to be in place for you to be here.  The timing had to be perfect.  There was a very teeny tiny window of opportunity for you to be created. One second earlier or one second later, would’ve changed the course of history and humanity as we know it.

Let’s start with some facts:

the average male will produce roughly 525 billion sperm cells over a lifetime and shed at least one billion of them per month. A healthy adult male can release between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm cells in a single ejaculation.

In contrast, women are born with an average two million egg follicles, the reproductive structures that give rise to eggs. By puberty, a majority of those follicles close up and only about 450 will ever release mature eggs for fertilization.

I got that info here: http://scienceline.org/2008/06/ask-olson-sperm/

When forming sperm cells, the father’s body randomly chooses genes from the two halves of the father’s chromosomes. This means that every sperm cell contains a random mix of the father’s parents’ genes. The same thing happens when forming eggs. Therefore, each child that a couple produces is a random mix of the four grandparents’ genes.



Simpler terms-   take just one unique little egg and combine it with any one of the 40 million to 1.2 billion sperm- all unique in and of themselves and what do you get?

A combination so rare, so unique, impossible to duplicate- that’s you!!!!!

That’s one thing to think about!

Here’s another; getting that one little unique egg and one little unique sperm together to make you.

It’s harder than you think. In fact the cards are really stacked against such unions.

Picture this…..you just burst onto the scene, full of exuberance and gung ho. You’re feelin’ fresh and rocking your chromosomes. You’ve heard that the ovum of your dreams is nearby.  She is your destiny.  There’s no time to waste.  She’s passing though the area only once. This is her only chance to meet you. You may have two or three days to find her. She’s only got 24 hours and then she’ll be gone forever.  You’re going to have to think fast. She’ll be easy to spot because like you, she’s wearing the finest of genes.

First hurdle– You’re not the only guy that knows she’s there.  You’re in the company of 40 million sperm cells, just like you- well not exactly like you but ….you get what I mean…. and they’re all honed in on her as well.

Second hurdle– you’ve got to get across the border. Yep, she’s inside foreign land. You know how backed up things can get at rush hour. And you’re not the only one in line; remember you’ve got 40 million chumps that are trying to squeeze their way in front of you to get to her.

Aaaaand…..you’ve got to get through customs first and all of those questions….are you bringing anything into the country?  How long do you plan on staying? Do you have anything to declare????

Once the little bar rises to let you cross, it starts getting treacherous.  You find out that you still have some distance to travel.

Just how far?

If you measured with a ruler, it’s about 6-7 inches to the rendezvous.  But in scale to you- the sperm, it’s really like 40 miles. And you’ve got to swim it!!!!!! That’s longer than swimming across the Detroit River or Lake Pontchartrain. (I’ve never been to Lake Pontchartrain- it’s just the first lake that google told me was 40 miles long.  I needed another example for visualization purposes)

Oh my gosh! Imagine swimming 40 miles.  That would be exhausting, wouldn’t it? Even if you were well conditioned for it, it’s got to be tough!

I tried to dog paddle once across my old neighbour’s pool when I was a kid and I almost drowned.  And the Charlie horse I got……yowch!!!  The pool was only about 20 feet long.

You have to be in tip-top health and completely equipped before you begin the journey.

You’ve got to be strong to swim that distance. On top of which some of those waters you’re swimming in are acidic and sometimes hostile.  You’ve got to be tough enough to not let it slow you down or wear you down or burn up all your best parts.

With every mile or centimeter you swim, the 4o million you started swimming with are going belly up one by one.   You don’t know if they just lost their motility or the checkpoints that filter out the less than suitable choices took them out or if it was that body defence mechanism that sees any visitor as a threat that attacked and destroyed them. You just don’t know.

You would have had to be hard wired with courage and perseverance to keep going

Then there’s the navigation issue.  Most guys don’t like to stop and ask for directions.  You’ve got to have good instincts and a little help from nature to keep you moving ahead .If things are working at their optimum, the liquid portion that burst onto the scene with  you will coagulate just inside the border creating a barrier so that you don’t wander too far in the wrong direction.  This little built in system helps to keep you on track.

You’ve got to have the qualities of a superhero to get to your destination.

The truth is, only the best of the best are getting through.

You’ve got to be there in the right place at the right time to meet your mutual destiny.

Imagine the conversation:

“I can’t remember if I told him to meet me at the entrance of this fallopian tube or that one”.

“Gee,fellas,  I don’t know if she said to go the fallopian tube on the left or the right”. I’m thinking we should split up, half of you go that way, the rest of you can come with me!”

In addition to that, both sperm and ovum have got to be punctual.

Oh I can hear it now.” I’m never on time, I can’t help it.” “I just can’t organize myself enough to get there- it’s just too early for me to get up in the morning” “I got stuck by a train”.

Timing is everything.

And that is the miracle.

It took one unique little egg and one unique and solid swimmer sperm that had to be at the right place and the right time for you to get here.

Call it kismet!! Call it divine intervention! Call it the stars had to collide.  The creation of you was an amazing miracle.  The conditions had to be perfect for you to be here.

It didn’t matter if you’re parents were in love or not. It didn’t matter if you were conceived on a moonlit beach or in a dirty back alley.

You were meant to be.


Because you are here, that’s why!!!!!

There was only one second, in one hour, on one day, in one week, in one month of one year that was the only opportunity for you to be created.

There was only one chance for this one little unique and very strong and amazing sperm (that had to swim 40 miles) to meet this one unique little egg( that had less than 24 hours to live) to create this one unique combination of cells and chromosomes and DNA which made you.

Isn’t that soooooooo cool!!!!!

You were hardwired for life and for survival so much so that two parts of you- the simplest beginnings chose to unite together to create a stronger life force rather  than whither up and die.  This little wee mix of cells knew how to embed itself within the uterus to ensure nutrients for its growth.   And you knew how to live in some pretty tight and uncomfortable conditions. You knew how to be flexible and adjust to it.  You knew when it was time to leave that comfortable space and to move through an even tighter space to get out. Once you were out, you struggled to breathe in your first gasp of air and something kicked in and you kept on breathing. Your body knew exactly what to do to ensure you survived. It took in oxygen and more nutrients and discarded what wasn’t needed or good for the body.  Nobody did it for you- you did it!

You figured out, though you couldn’t yet speak how to emit high-pitched sounds to get what you needed to survive like warmth or something to eat or love.  You craved all of it- naturally.

You knew how to practice moving your body to strengthen it so that one day you could lift your head up off the mattress to get a better view of the world.

Hard wired in you, was a curiosity and a desire to engage with the world around you, so much so that you brought yourself from laying flat on the floor to up on your knees to standing on your own two feet to walking to running to riding a bike.

 Nobody taught you how to do these things nor did they do them for you.  The people around you simply held you up or encouraged you to let out what was already naturally in you.

And while you were practicing these newly found skills, you bumped your head and skinned those knees.  Ninety nine percent of those injuries knew to heal, were encoded to heal, on their own without any medical attention what so ever.

Survival and strength, perseverance and courage, life and healing are hard wired into your system.  We’re the ones that complicate matters- by thinking we’re not strong enough or courageous enough or have the ability to persevere or heal- even though we have the experiences behind us to prove otherwise.

 You breathe without thinking and your heart beats without your constant supervision. That paper cut on your finger or that cut on your knee that is developing a small scab; it just heals on its own if you don’t keep picking at it. The bone that’s broken; it heals as long as you don’t put too much stress and weight on it while it’s trying to.  That broken heart, it heals too as long as you give it time and trust that you can and will love again because wanting to be loved and loving is hard wired into you too.

What I am trying to say is, you are already amazing, a living breathing miracle.

If someone says, you were a mistake, not supposed to be here, that you are nothing special.

Are you kidding me?????

They are lying- Pure and simple. I don’t care who told you that and what they’re supposed credentials are.  You’ve been told a falsehood. You’re being served a complete pile of dungage!!!

Nothing special!    Seriously?!?

There is no one on earth, in the past present or future that can even come close to who you are. No one else has you’re genetic makeup- nobody, nope….not one other person on the planet. 

If you think you’re not strong enough, that you have no courage or perseverance……

“Pish Posh!” I say. You’re already a champion. A part of you, the first wee little part already swam 40 miles across treacherous conditions to ensure that you came into existence.  Doesn’t matter if you swim now, the point is you swam when it was most important.

You think you’re not capable of something as great as healing.  Next time you get a paper cut, watch it heal on its own without any coaching or fussing over it. Your body is wired for it.

Chronically late and feeling bad about it?

Well, one day you weren’t- the day that it counted the most. You did make it there on time that day. You did or you wouldn’t be here; If it had been one second earlier or one second later….. whew!!  I’m so glad you made it.

Trust that whatever you need will surface when it’s time. The right amount of knowledge, the intuition, the ability to heal, the navigational tools to get to where you need to go, the answer to your questions, a solution to your problem,  the courage, the perseverance, the survival skills and the love. It’s already hard wired into you.

You are a force. You are an amazing being; A living, breathing miracle.


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