Feb 14 2013

Happy Valentines Day- get your love on!!!!!!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

  I’m bringing back a post that I wrote some time ago. I think this is the perfect day for it. 

 And spring is coming- oh yeah it is!!!!!

 Did you notice that the sun is setting later in the day?

 My pussywillow tree out back is starting to get it’s buds. I’ll bet those white cotton fuzzies are gong to burst through in a few short weeks.  We’ve got lots to look forward to.

 But first, let’s talk about love. Heres some music to set the mood.

Our first experiences with romantic love usually ended with our singing the unrequited love national anthem by the J. Geils band.  


And even though we knew what it felt like to have our love rejected, we usually went on to reject someone elses- the story of the one that got away.

This J. Geils intro has got to be about the best thing I’ve heard.


These hits were classics because they were so relatable. . They don’t make music like this anymore.

Bar none, the best anguished romantic love song ever- this one by Journey.



Man, love could hurt.

But one day…….. this magical thing happened.   You met someone who just lit up your world.  And the air seemed cleaner, the sun brighter and you just couldn’t wipe that silly grin off your own face.  You were literally, walking on sunshine- just like that song from Katrina and The Waves.


Loving someone is the greatest feeling.  Letting someone love you is sometimes a little harder to do. Sometimes we think we’re not good enough. Sometimes we think we shouldn’t think about ourselves when loving someone; that the truest love should be directed out.and towards someone else.  But that’s completely false. First of all, you can’t love someone else unless you love yourself.   More importantly,  letting someone love you is the the greatest statement of love you can make back to them.   Letting them love you is saying, “your love is good enough, you are good enough, I am grateful for your love and I accept it.

Don’t wait to tell someone you love them. Don’t wait to tell them that you’re happy that they love you. 

Let yourself love everyone and everything.And love yourself by letting yourself be loved.  

And now for my repeat post……….

Getting My Love On!

I’ve been getting my love on for a while now. I’m wanting to take it out and send it forward to see what will happen. I hope there is someone else out there who wants to help. Better yet, I hope there are a billion people out there who want to help.

This is how it works.

I spend a portion of every day, maybe a few minutes, occasionally I’ve spent the better part of a day just sending love out into the world. I want to see if it changes things.

I do this sometimes when I am stopped at a traffic light. I notice the car beside me or I see someone standing on the side of the road waiting for a bus or  waiting for the pedestrian walk icon to appear. I focus on them and then I just conjure up as much love as I can and aim it right at them. I envision a loving hug, a warm embrace, an intense joy and then I just imagine it floating from me in a beam of light to them.

It’s perfect. It’s not invasive. I’m not infringing on any ones privacy or personal space with my physical body. I don’t think it would go over as well if I physically hopped out of my car, ran across the street and gave someone a big bear hug.

There is no judgement involved. I give it freely, without asking questions about someones past or present or what they have done or shouldn’t have done. I do not measure if someone deserves my love or not. I just give it. If they are open, they will feel it. If they aren’t, maybe just the energy of it will free them a bit.

Why I think this works….

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt like there was some type of negative energy going on. You can just sense it. There might have been some argument moments before where unkind words were said. There might have been some terrible news delivered. You don’t even have to hear it…you just know something just went down. I’ve been places where I could run fast as lightning out of a room just by the energy that is present. My body repels it. I feel on alert, on guard, like I am standing in front of a big dark mass that is coming closer. I feel like a cloak is hovering over me, ready to descend and swallow me whole. Every part of my body yells,,”Run! Get out of here! Quick!”

Similarly, I think everyone can feel if their presence is welcome or if it is not. No one has to say a word. You know when someone is less than happy to see you just like you know when someone is elated that you have arrived. There is a difference in the body language, a difference in the tone of voice, a difference in the look in their eyes.

I think you would agree that you have noticed this yourself. I think you can agree how it can attach itself to you. You might start out having a great day, visiting someone with the best of intentions or you are at work feeling good and energized. Someone crosses your path and before you know it., you’re feeling depleted or drained or less than the pleasant disposition you had been in moments before. It might be a friend, or coworker or a customer you have to attend to. It doesn’t matter. It just feels like you’ve instantly caught something from them and it isn’t good. It can sour your whole day and all of your interactions from that moment forward.

If a negative energy can work like that, then it stands to reason that a positive energy can be just as infectious.

I’m trying to send love out into the world to counteract the hate. I’m trying to send love out to heal a broken heart. I’m trying to send love out to comfort someone in pain. I’m trying to send love out to help someone who is lonely feel connected.

I wonder what would happen if everyone across the world decided to put aside all of their grudges and differences and personal troubles and sorrows and collectively spent a portion of every day for even a week, just sending love out into the world.

I wonder if it would change anything.

I say, let’s try it. I bet it’s never been done before en masse. What have we got to lose. I say, Get Your Love On!


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  1. Alex

    An excellent post Connie! The random love you send out is working!

    1. Constance Stewart Meloche

      Thanks for your note. Your commment made my day!

      1. Tim Stewart

        Happy to see you writing again sis!!

        1. Constance Stewart Meloche

          Thanks brutha!

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