Monthly Archive: February 2013

Feb 27 2013

While you wait for spring!

Spring is really on its way.  At first glance it’s a little hard to tell, what with the couple inches of slushy snow that fell last night.   The key word here is slush and slush means not completely frozen which means warm snow and warmer snow means warmer temps which means SPRING!!!!!!!!! If you stand …

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Feb 19 2013

You are an amazing being; A living, breathing miracle!!!!!!

You are a miracle. It’s true. Do you realize what it took to get you here? Do you realize the stuff you are made of? Not the stuff you acquired along the way. I’m talking about the stuff that you already were, are and always will be regardless of your station in life, regardless of …

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Feb 14 2013

Happy Valentines Day- get your love on!!!!!!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!   I’m bringing back a post that I wrote some time ago. I think this is the perfect day for it.   And spring is coming- oh yeah it is!!!!!  Did you notice that the sun is setting later in the day?  My pussywillow tree out back is starting to get it’s buds. I’ll …

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Feb 06 2013

Did I tell you the one about wanting to be a nun?

I never know what I’m going to write here.  I shoot off from one thought and before I know it, I have a post. Today, right now I’m thinking about God.  Gosh I think about God a lot. I’m not super Holy.  I’m just regular.  Sometimes I’m questioning; sometimes I’m seeking; sometimes I delight in …

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Feb 02 2013

Life is but a dream!

I had this great dream the other night that left me wondering if it was really a dream at all. Maybe, just maybe it was a peak into the far ahead, the someday. I woke in the morning and the first thought I had was, “so that’s where they went”. And I felt peaceful. This …

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