Jan 26 2013

I got nothin’!

Here I go again, nothing much to write.  If I was a writer, I’d say I have writer’s block, but I’m not a writer. I’m just a thinker who thinks thoughts and then writes them out on a blog for no particularly good reason.

Sometimes my thoughts just flow in one continuous strand and then sometimes….. there’s nothing.

For instance, at this moment, I’m thinking…………………………..



Longer pause

Sip of ginger ale

Another pause

And then………………………..

See! I got nothing.

I had started writing this week about my defending myself against a lemon meringue pie at the grocery store. I wrote about how happy and grateful I was that I had studied tai chi for a short time years ago and how I had no idea that it would come in handy. But who wants to hear about that?

I wrote a post about my minor car accident last week, more of a fender bender without any fenders bending. It was more of a glide slide and collide.  I wrote that one after the post I started writing the week before. That one was about the crazy dream I had that I was in a car accident.  It doesn’t matter now. Everything is fine and good.

I started writing another post about calling Bob Rae’s office. Long story short my son had his OSAP reassessed. They’ve decided he makes too much money. He works to pay for his apartment while he is away at school. They’re holding back his allotment until he pays them back a lump sum payment. He then went to the bank to get a student loan or an increase on a credit card only to be told that he doesn’t make enough money to qualify.  Somehow I took the reins to get to the bottom of things and after many phone calls, being directed to here and there, I ended up on the line with the office of the Leader of the Liberal Party. I didn’t talk to Mr. Rae himself. I honestly don’t know how I ended up on that line but I spoke to a wonderful and very strong woman. Although she had a terrible cold, she was most helpful.   Through sniffles and a hoarse voice, her stamina and focus boomed through the phone line. I was in awe just listening to her.  I told her that if she was this strong while sick, I could just imagine the force she would be when well. I also told her that I wish I could put her in my pocket, to whip out when I needed the back up.

I also started to write a post about my daughter, who is still away in the far and frozen land.  She was late for work last week and had just gotten out of the shower when she noticed the time.  She threw her hair up in a bun, got dressed and dashed to work in a temperature of -46 with the windchill.

Her bun froze to her head.

We chatted briefly over lunch, just after she had blow dried her hair on high heat to defrost the frozen iceberg on the top of her head.

She exclaimed “buns are soooo heavy when they’re frozen.”

I didn’t publish any of the posts, none of them are finished. I’ve been too busy working to finish them.

Yep, I said it. I am working! In the outside world again!

Remember my mid-life reinvention plan and walking on sunshine. Remember, I said that I want to be where the people are.

“ So I wake up and start my day as if I had a job to do.  I eat breakfast, get dressed and sit at my computer looking for new opportunities as if that’s my job. I am envisioning the scene right on up to my crazy co-workers gathered around the water cooler. Let me tell you, they are a laugh riot!!”


Well……I am working again and I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve it!!!

I am surrounded by the most intelligent, energetic, focused woman that I know. I am practically skipping to work every day.  The energy is electric.  These women work hard and get it done!!!!!   And the things that I am learning……I am thrilled!!!!

I am grateful to be……right where I am …..today.

Speaking of today, this was my day to get back to writing my blog.  It’s 9 pm and I just got around to it.  I was waiting for thoughts to come, at least enough of them to form a few sentences.  At first I planned on writing a few paragraphs but as the day progressed, I realized I was setting too high of a goal.

I thought of nothing when I first woke up. I thought of nothing while I was teaching. I thought of nothing while I meditated which is a good thing.  Then I thought of nothing while I stared aimlessly at the computer for 3 hours, watching music videos and trying to get 3 stars in a game on my social network.

I thought by now the thoughts would come, but …………..



Oh! Maybe………………never mind…………..

Sip of gingerale,

Another long pause…


I got nothin’!

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  1. jeff kozolanka

    Congrats on the new job! The frozen bun thing is priceless !!

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