Jan 10 2013


You must know by now that I like to talk about the great mysteries in life.  I like to seek answers to the questions that have plagued mankind.

Today, I want to talk about something that has had me wondering for years.

The topic came up once again as my daughter and I took a drive the other day. We were singing at the top of our lungs in the car as usual when the question resurfaced once more.

You know that song by Elton John- “Benny and the Jets”?

What in the world are they really saying? What are the actual lyrics?

My daughter and I attempted once again to sing it verse by verse.  Halfway through the song, my daughter declared, “Y’know what Mom? I think the only people who really know what they are saying is Benny and his Jets”.

Here’s the song by the amazing Elton John.   I found the song with lyrics on the you tube.  It gave me a share option. I am assuming that there is a need for the word to be spread.  Consider it higher education, a commentary on pop culture.  I feel it’s high time to get to the bottom of this and spread the word. Isn’t that what we’re all here to do, share what we know as we uncover life’s greatest mysteries?

Here’s the lyric video. What a great song.






Now here’s how I hear it, how we’ve been singing it, in the car, windows down, blaring sound, with the wind blowing in our hair, for years.


Hey Kids  shake a bloo together, fala sayin something and you’re gonna change  the weather

Califana hona and stick around

You’re gonna hear electric music sola fona  sound.

Say  Candy and Ronnie have you seen them yet, oooh with the soul say down

B..B…B..B…B..B…B…Benny and the Jets

Oh they’re weird and wonderful

Oh Benny she’s a rada cane

She‘s  got electric boots , a mohair joo

I read it in a magazine,ooooooooooooo

B..B…B..B…B..B…B…Benny and the Jetsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Hey kids, welcome to the feathers

Standing in line, then it makes you meggies

We shall survive, let’s us stick ourselves along

We found our paris out in the street to find whose right and  whose wrooooooooooong

Oh candy and Ronnie, haven’t seen them yet ooooh  and the soul fades out

B..B…B..B…B..B…B…Benny and the Jets

Oh it’s so weird and wonderful

Oh Benny it’s a rada cane

She‘s got electric boots , a mohair zoo

I read it in a magazine, ooooooooooooo

B..B…B..B…B..B…B…Benny and the Jetsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Oh Candy and Ronny, haven’t seen them yet, oh and the souls face down

B..B…B..B…B..B…B…Benny and the Jets

Oh they’re weird and wonderful

Oh Benny she’s a rada cane

She ‘s got electric boots , a mohair zoo

I read it in a magazine,ooooooooooooo

B..B…B..B…B..B…B…Benny and the Jetsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Repeat Benny and the Jets.


The interesting thing about this song is that it sticks in my head regardless of the incorrect lyrics. Even after reading the lyrics, I still tend to sing it with the wrong lyrics. I know it doesn’t make sense when I sing it. I know Elton John would not have written complete nonsense.  But I still sing this weird and wacky way.  I don’t know why I do it. Maybe it’s more fun that way. Maybe it’s just habit.  Maybe my brain is just programmed to hear what it wants to hear. Aren’t we all a little bit like that…..we only hear what we want to hear, even if the truth is right in front of us, in bold print or with a signpost with flashing lights or on a lyric sheet or in this case, a lyric video.

We can go years, making up stuff and going along with what we’ve told ourselves, never questioning our previous beliefs about someone or something; never reasoning it out.

Why question it or challenge the belief when on the surface, it doesn’t seem to be causing any harm.

But it does cause harm.

Before we know it, we’ve created monsters out of situations and people,  that have no real basis in fact. It distorts who we are and who the people really are around us and affects how we connect and move through life.

The truth will always come out though, one way or another. It will nag you until one day, it just doesn’t make sense to buy into those silly lies anymore.

Just like this song, I wondered about it for years and never took the initiative to find out what the actual lyrics were- the truth of it, if you will.

Eventually you have to stop and think about what makes sense.

What purpose is there in holding on to a belief about something if it does not make logical sense and you haven’t taken the steps to find out the facts and at least look at the truth.

Once you know truth, it’s very hard to tell a lie to yourself or anyone else, even if it’s about the smallest of things.  You don’t think it would harm anyone, just one wee little fib but it does.

I know the truth about this song now. I know the lyrics that were intended to be sung.  If I’m going to honour the truth, even though I’m gonna miss having fun with this song, I’ve got to start singing it, the way Sir Elton John wrote it. Not with my own twist, not inserting my own words for a fleeting pleasure.

Besides what right have I got to continue mincing with his words when the truth of it is in black and white.

Today, Sir Elton John, I honour you and your music. And that’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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  1. Jeff

    Very nice Connie ! The essence of truth is so important in life! Thanks !

    1. Constance Stewart Meloche

      Thanks for writing Jeff. I appreciate it!

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