Monthly Archive: September 2012

Sep 26 2012

Flu season

Flu season has arrived at the Meloche house. I should have suspected in the morning, when my son woke up really cranky and moving really slow. He asked for a ride to school, actually made a bit of a fuss over it.  That’s not like him. He left the car annoyed, seeing as I spent …

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Sep 21 2012

The more things change; some things remain the same.

The mid-life renovation continues; the great renovation of me and my house, all at the same time.  It feels like three steps forward and two steps back;  three steps forward, one step back; two steps  forward, one step back; spin around, slide to the side, change direction and start all over again.  I’m doing a …

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Sep 20 2012

Spooky September story- EEK!

I’m going to tell you a spooky story for two reasons.  One, October is just around the corner and it seems to be the month declared for ghosts and haunting and all that biz. Two, I don’t have anything else interesting to talk about. The past week, I’ve been busy, swamped, working and toiling. I’m at …

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Sep 19 2012

Football season for my little bear.

My son walked into the kitchen this morning after his shower.  He was wearing his school uniform pant and set his crisp white shirt and his back pack down on the chair.  I looked up from my computer as he turned around to speak to me. I noticed a dark shadow across his chest and …

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Sep 12 2012

The Imprints in my mind.

The two-year anniversary of “that week” in October is coming up.  I don’t have it marked on my calendar.  Believe me, I’d rather forget that any of it happened.  I don’t search out the memory; after all, there’s no point in dwelling.  Yet the slow changing of the foliage, the hints of red and gold, …

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Sep 07 2012

Mid life renovation- gutted!

Did you ever notice how a person’s home reflects their inner world? It might be filled with stuff, things you just can’t get rid of.  Things you hang onto, maybe from even your childhood.  Some of the things hold the fondest of memories. Some of the things, you have no reasonable explanation for keeping, other …

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Sep 04 2012

Turning the light on to skeletons in your closet!

I had this great dream last night. I was back in my childhood home. There were two skeletons. One was completely uncovered; it’s bones clean and white. There wasn’t a trace of sand or dirt or soil. It had been exhumed, examined, cleaned off and was ready for a proper burial. The other skeleton was …

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Sep 03 2012

In honor of Labour Day

It’s Labour Day. Its origins go all the way back to 1872. It was a day inspired by the organization of trade unions to campaign for, improve, and to celebrate worker’s rights. My father was a union man.  He was a supreme negotiator. He was plant chairman for over 35 years. This movement is in …

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