Aug 23 2012

The Plan and Walking on Sunshine!

Forget the Plan! I’m going to Walk on Sunshine instead!

I thought about the plan yesterday; the plan for mid-life reinvention.  It just requires too much…how shall I say it? Planning?

I’m choosing instead, to use uncompromising optimism.  I’m going to crank my shine-o-meter up and get into the natural flow of life. It’s the only way I know. It’s the only thing that has ever worked for me.




I made a list of all of my gifts and talents.  I wrote everything down, every little thing that I could think of.


 I included my ability to create something beautiful out of a heap of someone else’s garbage right on up to the way that I love this whole wide world and the people in it.







 I included my ability to type and cook dinner at the same time. 




I included my ability to stay focused on a thought while my son’s rap music is blaring and booming and grinding through the beams of the floor and under my feet like it’s doing now.  It’s the music in the house at the moment; I may as well dance to it.

I discovered I have a lot to offer.  I’m still that same gal. I’ll keep me as I am.

As far as the outer reinvention goes…

The plan, even though I’ve tossed the idea of sticking to a specific plan, seems to have kicked in deep into my subconscious.  I awoke the last two mornings at 6:30am on the dot; the time I might normally get up to start getting ready for work. My internal clock wants me out the door and in the world where dreams are realized.

I want to be where the people are!

So I wake up and start my day as if I had a job to do.  I eat breakfast, get dressed and sit at my computer looking for new opportunities as if that’s my job. I am envisioning the scene right on up to my crazy co-workers gathered around the water cooler. Let me tell you, they are a laugh riot!!

I’ve bought two pairs of really sharp-looking comfortable shoes.  My job is going to be one that requires casual/dressy business attire. I even bought a new pair of classy winter boots.  I will need them for the unpredictable winters around here.  I might have to shovel my way out of the driveway before I head into work and I don’t like being late.

I’ve pressed my dress pants and got my hair cut.  All systems are go.

I’m not letting the art life go.  I start teaching my art classes in the next couple of weeks.

I’m formulating a composition for a new painting.  It’s still in my head, but it’s getting there.

I’ve got my Annual Holiday Art Show to plan for November.

I just can’t get rid of this nagging feeling that something is coming my way.  There is something else that I’m supposed to be doing; some new path that I am supposed to be going on. It is a path that I am assuming that I need shiny shoes and a cardigan sweater for.

The blog is undergoing change.  I was worried that I was losing my direction but after reading through the posts, I realize that I didn’t really have one to begin with.

I could turn it into a “how to” blog.  I could turn it into a relationship advice blog for teens;  a blog about dealing with family issues and relationships or just tips on staying optimistic in the real world where pessimism runs amok . I’m superb at it!! There’s the empty nest thing and the grieving thing but I don’t want to mill around talking about grieving all day. It’s so depressing.  I could turn it into an inspirational blog about life and love and moving forward one step at a time. I could…  I could turn it into a local news page! The “Good News” page.

This reminds me:


Incoming News Brief

News from the back deck…

Happy is the home with at least one cat  –Italian proverb

Folklore tells tales of cats bringing luck. Sailor’s wives kept them in the home while the sailor was at sea to make sure a safe voyage. A cat sneezing is a good omen for everyone who hears it. Loyal to the end, if a cat adopts you, they stay with you for life, even after death.

My brother has a family of cats living on his deck.  I received a note from him yesterday, my first real news tip and here’s what he had to say:

“We have a family of cats (mom, dad and 3 little ones). Yes dad cat is here too, quite rare we’re told, living on the deck! Let us know if you know anyone who wants a kitten…we might even be able to pay for spay/neuter for the right family. They are already litter trained” Call me for more info if you want. We’d love to get these guys adopted!”

Here’s a pic complements of me, until I get some real photos. They are not actually cartoon cats but you can get the gist!




 Send me a note if you’re interested in one of these little kitties. I’ll pass along the info.




I’m considering all possibilities and playing around with some ideas. What works? What doesn’t?

It’s all part of my plan that has absolutely no planning involved. I’ll just move along on a wing and a prayer!

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