Aug 21 2012

News From the North!


My plan is underway.  While I’m working on mine, here are the latest tales from the north.

Both of my children called yesterday

My son, a brilliant and talented artist and aspiring actor just landed a small voice over role in a Russian film.   While this is wonderful news, it may not be as interesting if I didn’t tell you that he does not speak Russian.

In fact, there are absolutely no traces of Russian heritage on either side of the family. I know this because we have been over this a billion times each year my children were asked to produce a genealogy chart as part of a school project.

Between my side of the family and my husband’s side, we have a mixture of French; lots of it, and Scottish, with my Great grandfather coming from Scotland and settling in Quebec.

Somewhere, weaved in this great genetic fabric, is a fiber of  Native American (a chief, no less, of a tribe unknown). In addition and for a thread of sparkle, an Irish prostitute.

I love it! I am so proud.

Sadly, there isn’t a trace of Russian.

True to the Stewart and Meloche roots, nothing can stop us from going after the dream, not even a language barrier.

My daughter is cold; freezing cold. She told me so, many times.  There was talk of possible snow next week.

She finally received all her cargo.

She has groceries.

She told me she walked around the community the other night closer to the mountains.  They have to be in by 9 or 10 o’clock. That’s when the wolves come out.


She keeps asking what is happening in the world. Without television or a newspaper, she feels out of the loop.

I don’t read the paper much myself so I make up stuff. This could be fun.

Then I tell her all the local neighbourhood news that is true.  The woman at the corner store got stung by a bee. I got stung as well.  So did my youngest son.

We also have a bee’s nest out back with two types of bees. I think they are fighting for the same nest, which we can’t locate.  I think they are burrowing in the dirt under the tree.  My husband has tried to find the nest for days.  He waits till night fall. I stand at the door inside the screen. He wears his high socks and running shoes.

I tell her that the leaves on the tree in the front yard are turning and I tried to mind message the psychic across the road again. He still hasn’t responded. I am starting to lose faith in his abilities.

I applied for two more jobs and made some homemade soup.

I plucked two hairs from my chin. (Thanks perimenopause!)

She listens intently and then asks for more.

I feel pressured.

She has a voracious appetite for any news of any kind.

I’m shocked that I am also out of the loop. The past week,  I was catching up on 23 years of missed sleep, remember?

I vow to do some interesting things and keep my ears open for more breaking news in and around town.  Maybe today I will watch CNN and take some notes and then spin my commentary on it.

She might like that.

On that note…

This concludes this edition of, Newwws from the North!

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  1. Tim Stewart

    news from our back deck………we have a family of cats (mom, dad and 3 little ones) yes dad cat is here too, quite rare we’re told, living on the deck.!! Let us know if you know anyone who wants a kitten…we might even be able to pay for spay/neuter for the right family. They are already litter trained. Call me for more info if you want. We’d love to get these guys adopted as their chances at the Humane Society are not great.

    1. Constance Stewart Meloche

      Send me some pics and I’ll post them here on the blog. I’ll do my first local news feature!

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