Aug 16 2012

Meloche Psychological and Financial Counselling Services!

Whoever said that it gets easier when your children leave the nest is LYING! Maybe some time down the road but in the first few days and weeks….Large  fibs!


The cargo company called yesterday morning and left a message with my husband that my daughter’s cargo, that left our house three weeks ago, would be at Le blah blah blah airport on Saturday morning.  (My husband didn’t catch the name.) Either way it didn’t sound right. So I checked the call display and called the number right back.


So I asked to speak to the supervisor.

She never came to the phone.


Hours later, my daughter called to say she had made a few calls herself from work.  Then one of her French-speaking new friends took over the call to get some answers and to translate those to my daughter.

Turns out the cargo never left the original location.  To top it off, it somehow got separated into three shipments.  One shipment will be delivered to another airport on Saturday; the Le blah blah blah one.  Then that one still has to fly it from the mainland over to the polar bear region.  It’s a coin toss what articles will arrive.  We are hoping that it’s the skid that has the boxes with a pillow, some blankets and some food.  The unusual warm weather was beginning to turn cool.  It should be in the 40’s in the next couple of days. Her winter coat is in the cargo as well.


My daughter managed to be invited for dinner at another coworker’s house.  She told me, “I’m shameless, Mom!  The moment they ask, I don’t hesitate, I just say yes and thank you.”

I told her to ask for leftovers. It’s survival time people.

I picture her with her empty plate saying in her finest Oliver Twist accent, “please sir, may I have more”

She asks what we’re having for dinner. I down play it.  “Nothing much”, I say as I push my hot meal of Philadelphia herb and garlic chicken  with rice and a side of fresh green beans aside. I feel much too guilty to eat any of it now.

I tell her to call me back in a few hours.  I need time to pull something together so that I can send her some dollars. She just used the last of it due to a new food ordering policy.  That cargo has to be paid up front. She ordered some food in from the mainland on Sunday.  It has not arrived. She ate her last banana for lunch.  She doesn’t receive her first pay cheque until month’s end.  She needs emergency funds fast.

There is a small store close by, the only one in the community; the one with the $20 orange juice.  I’m figuring $300 should get her at least a couple of day’s worth of food items.

I think I can live with the ceiling tiles for a while longer and the counter top.

The bank of Meloche is in crisis. 

My husband wants some attention.  I can barely focus on what he is saying.  I can see his face and his mouth moving but I just hear mumbling.

I decide to take the dog for a walk.  My husband comes along. He is talking. I don’t know what about. I am trying to formulate a plan.

A man stops us at the corner to admire the dog. He’s just the type of dog he has been looking for.

I look at the dog.

The dog stands stiff, tail between his legs, head down but gazing up at me with a “please don’t sell me” look in his eyes.

We walk on. By the time we arrive home, Linus the dog is eager to get back inside and squeezes between my legs and cowers under his blankie. It was a close call.

I move things from here to there and pull the cashola out of my…. and then send it to the far and distant land. Thank goodness for e-transfers.

Then I wait for the call to confirm she has received it.

My son called the other day for his own emergency.  Three years out, there have been a few but he has become quite resilient and has managed quite well.  Rarely does he call for help anymore.

The other day, when I had both of my adult children on the phone, I wasn’t as focused on his state of affairs. I was rotating between lines trying to trouble shoot both at the same time. I felt like a customer service line.

“Hello, Meloche Psychological and Financial counselling services and support, how can I help you today?”

“Mom, I’ve got a problem….”

“One moment please, can you hold?”


“Hello Bank of Meloche, How can I help you today?”

“Mom, I’ve got a problem. Do you think you and dad could send me…”

“One moment please, ”


“Hello, so what’s the problem?”

“I’ve only got $100 left and I have to pay for my food shipment and the cargo isn’t here and my legs are killing me from walking everywhere in the sand and”

“One moment please”


“Now what were you saying?”

“Mom, they put a hold on my OSAP and I owe some rent and I don’t get paid till..”

“One moment please”


“So how bad is it? When is your food coming in”

“I don’t know, my cargo is lost but at least there are no polar bear warnings”

“Say what! Ppppp POLAR BEARS!!!!” “What the ….?”” Hang on!”


“Hello!  Sorry for the delay.  There are polar bears!”

“What? Oh yeah, I know. So anyway could you guys send me some money?”


 The Polar bear warning and the empty cupboard had captured my full attention.  I can’t even remember how I hung up the phone to my son. All I could see was hungry polar bears going to my daughter’s house for a snack.  The only snack food in that house would be her. I had to think fast.

I am trying to balance between helping too much which will give my children the idea that they can’t do it on their own or helping too little which could put them out on the street or in the cold or onto the menu of a pack of bears.

I’m weighing emergencies between my children. Which one needs it more? How much can I do?

Then I continue painting the hallway.

Then I clean all the grout in the bathroom and down the hall with a toothbrush.

I’m still wondering what my son was talking about on the phone and if he figured things out yet. I feel badly about our last conversation but then I remember that customer service sometimes takes a few days to get back to you.  He should understand.

I will phone him today and say:

“Hello, Meloche Psychological and Financial counselling services and support returning your call. Due to the volume of calls, I was delayed in contacting you back. I hope you will accept my apologies.  How can I help you today?”

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