Aug 05 2012

Wonderings on the Apocolypse and why did my bath towel smell like Fritos.

Yesterday I took my morning shower and grabbed a fresh towel out of the linen cabinet. I wrapped it around me in the usual way and brought the towel to my face to smell the wonderful mountain breeze scent. I love the scent of freshly washed clothes and linens, especially if they have been hung outside to dry. It’s like scooping up an armful of condensed summer and inhaling it into every fiber of your being.


I’m not sure if it truly smells like a mountain breeze as I have never lived, climbed or even been near enough a mountain to reference the aroma. I’ve driven by them once on a trip through Tennessee but we never stopped the car to get out and smell anything. There were five of us in a Honda Civic, it was tight to say the least and at the time, our only objective was to get to our destination as soon as possible.


I’ve been to a few tobogganing hills over the years but I don’t remember them smelling mountain breezy. Since I have nothing to compare, I trust the detergent bottle until I have more information to decide for myself.


As I was saying, I brought the towel to my face to smell the wonderful mountain breeze, sniff, sniff, long sniff.  Then I stopped. I tilted my head quizzically. I sniffed again. I knew that smell. It smelled like corn chips. Not just any name brand. It smelled like Fritos.


I was startled. I said out loud, “my word, why does this towel smell like Fritos.” I sniffed again to be sure.


I know that laundry can take on an odor if left too long between the washer and the dryer, but I would never liken the scent to corn chips. I also knew that the laundry had not lingered in the washing machine. With the amount of laundry around here, the machine runs daily as does the dryer, at least 3-5 loads a day.


I checked the linen cabinet to see if there was a bag of them inside.


I don’t know why there would be a bag of Fritos in the linen cabinet, in the bathroom, but crazier things have happened around here. I wondered if my mid forty fuzzy thinking had placed them there. I’ve been distracted lately; walking into rooms and forgetting what I went in there for; declaring some bit of information that my husband tells me in frustration that he just said the same thing to me minutes before; forgetting words to simple objects around the house. It’s like a game of charades around here as I ask my husband to hand me the ….whatcha-ma-call-it…. as I gesture the action of what I would do with the object if I could just think of its darn name.  Why wouldn’t I put Fritos in the linen cabinet?


But I didn’t find anything. Not even one curly little chip.  


I opened the door to the washroom and called out to my daughter. “Smell this towel. Don’t you think it smells like Fritos?” She humored me and took a whiff.


“It does,” she said, “that’s weird”


“I know, right?” I replied.


Then there was silence as we both sniffed the anomalous towel.


“It’s making me hungry,” I said. I tossed the towel back into the laundry pile and made lunch.


 I craved Fritos all day long and wondered why that towel smelled that way.


It really wasn’t all that important but if I don’t know the answer to something or I am confronted with some mystery or puzzle, I tend to fixate on it until I can figure it out.


This morning, it was still on my mind when I passed by the washroom again.


I sat down at my computer to write for a moment and to maybe use a search engine to see if a mechanical problem with the dryer could cause a corn chip smell.


Then I received an email from an old subscription to a metaphysics site that I occasionally visited. Its title alluded to a discussion on the end of the world. I knew this because in big bold letters at the top of the page it read, The End of the World.


Well, I thought, what a pleasant Sunday morning greeting.


I had no idea that this talk was still going on. I had written about it an earlier post called Armageddon? Yikes!


Things had quieted down I thought. The Mayan calendar had been examined and the conclusion had been that the Doomsday date could be wrong;at least 60 days out of sync. Isn’t that encouraging?


Although I had never quite believed in any of it, as I said earlier, I thoroughly enjoy a good mystery and had ventured out into the World Wide Web a time or two or ten in search of data to support or discredit the prediction.


I figured that the whole apocalyptic theory had died down and as interesting as all the theories got, I had lost interest as I had thought everyone else had.  With all of the events of this summer, I thought I had bigger fish to fry than the up and coming Armageddon. I mean, who really has the time now a day to build an underground tunnel that would lead directly to a 5 foot concrete encased bunker. I know I don’t. I barely have time to work in the garden. Besides I would drive my husband crazy with my, “can you hand me the thingy so I can dig down to the you know what so we can protect ourselves from the , you know what they’re called, the guys with the stuff that drips and the grrrrr sound and the brains, I want to eat your brains.”


At the same time, I thought that the email was right on schedule. Even though media references to the doomsday date had seemed to subside, I figured as the autumn approached, there might be a storm of activity; articles, made for TV movies, documentaries and reports of strange cults that were not only discussing the demise of humanity as we know it but preparing for it.


Again, I took a quick tour around the web to see if there was still discussion going on around this prediction. There was a ton of it. In fact, while people are considering the destruction of life as we know it and discussing the sins of humanity that have brought us to this, I found articles on how to make money and capitalize on the event as one slips into a new and fiery, zombie filled reality.  What!! That is hilarious.


I even found a site that offered for sale, teddy bears and t-shirts made especially for the event..


I picture someone hanging on to their teddy bear running for their very soul with a t-shirt that reads; I attended the Apocalypse of 2012 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.


My internet searches take me around and around until I find food supplies that are encouraged to store up on to help in the doomsday survival. They mention chips and salsa.


This reminds me of my towel that smells like corn chips. I wonder if anyone else has had the same thing happen. I search and voila! I find some links with the exact same search phrase. I am not alone!


It could be from the dampness and the splashing that hits the cabinet when the seals that live in this house take their baths.


Looks like I have found yet another answer to my wonderings. Mystery solved!

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