Jul 27 2012

In honor of the H.O.G. rally this weekend: Bikers Eat Broccoli

There’s a H.O.G rally in town this weekend. I read in the paper that a group rode in last night.  I was sitting on the porch and I didn’t hear a thing. They must have pretty good mufflers.

I like motorcycles. I like the brilliant metallic colour of the gas tank and the front fender and the way it contrasts against the black and silver of the engine and frame.

They always remind me of some type of insect, the stinging kind. The gas tank always reminds me of the iridescent belly of a wasp. I wonder if you increased the size of a wasp to that of a motorcycle, if they would sound similar. I’ve always considered wasps to be the motorcycle of the insect world.

The thing I like most about them; you don’t have to pedal. You just hop on, go with the curves and the bends and let your hair blow in the wind. I’ve been a passenger a few times in my life. I felt free as a bird.

Anyway, in honour of the visiting bikers this weekend, I am reposting one of my greatest hits.

That’s so funny. I’ve only been blogging for 3 months and I’m already regurgitating from my earlier editions.

I know it’s a bit of a cop-out but a timely cop-out. I have two big projects on the go and both have deadlines; something has to give. I can’t talk about the projects because I don’t want to throw a kink in my creative process. I’m just following a prompting and enjoying being in the middle of them.

Besides, it’s Friday. Who’s really going to be reading this? There are vacations and barbeques to attend and yard work to do.  So…without further ado, here’s the post.  This is dedicated to all the bikers out there. I’m sorry I judged you.

Bikers Eat Broccoli

I was standing in line at the grocery store yesterday. In front of me was a “biker”. He had long hair that was held back in a pony tail. He had on a leather vest and a thick leather belt with a large belt buckle. He was wearing big black boots with a buckle. This was not a pilgrim. A pilgrim’s boot buckle is in the front. This guy had buckles on the side.  He was big and he was burly. He had on a hat with a famous motorcycle logo on it. The dead giveaway was the bugs in his teeth.

O.K.! The last sentence wasn’t true. He had no bugs in his teeth. In fact I didn’t see his teeth at all.  He was not smiling.

I don’t know if it was the skull and crossbones tattoo with the snake coiled and poking out of the eye socket staring me down but my first instinct was to not make any eye contact, to stay a little distant. I was a little bit nervous but my curiosity got to me and I started to peruse the items he had just taken out of his cart and placed on the grocery conveyer belt. I don’t know what I was expecting; Eye of newt? Toe of frog?  I wasn’t sure. I began to smile. This biker likes broccoli. He had a great big bunch of it. He also had beans; French Cut style. I love broccoli and beans.

 He and I clearly had something in common.

 My eyes widened and I took a step closer. Fresh bread and a package of bologna! Clearly a kid at heart!

One step closer. The cashier lifted a large package of spare ribs. Oh….isn’t that nice. He’s probably having a barbecue. Next, a jar of peanut butter. Absolutely adorable!

I realized how quickly I had judged him based on his appearance.

 He still looked tough and never cracked a smile. Then I thought; how often do you see bikers smiling ear to ear on their bikes? Or shouting,”I love riding my motorcycle, weeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

 No wonder they have such a stereotype of being so hard. It’s not their fault though. Do you realize how fast and hard things like insects hit you while driving a motorcycle. I’ve been on one and trust me, you do not want to be opening your mouth wide and squealing with delight. You might end up with a bee or a fly lodged in your throat. You have to keep your mouth shut. It’s not to be tough, it’s to avoid getting bugs in your teeth. I am sure of it.

I have a brother that to anyone else looks like a biker. He has the long hair and the ponytail and an earring and a big motorcycle and leather and boots. Do I see him as tough? No I don’t. I see him as a strong guy with strong opinions not everyone likes. But he would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it and he did give me the shirt off his back, literally.

 I was about 7 years old and I had followed him and his friends to Chrysler Hills to ride their bikes along the paths behind the plant. At one point, I cut my knee on a piece of glass. My brother came to my aid and took his white t-shirt off his back and wrapped it around my gaping wound. He rode beside me all the way back home. I needed two stitches. I was so grateful and I will never forget it.

 He saved my life before as well, from drowning. I was swimming in a neighbour’s pool and on a dare was swimming as best as I could under water. I was plugging my nose and splashing my feet and of course I had my eyes closed. When I came up for air and to see how far I had swum, I found myself in the deep end of the pool. I panicked and down I went. I don’t remember much in between other than my brother pulling me up to the surface and holding onto me until I got to the safe side of the pool. I sputtered and coughed the entire way. He gave me a bit of a scolding and an imaginary line in the pool that I was not to cross. He saved me again.

They say you are what you eat. According to the dietary habits of this broccoli ingesting biker, I’d say he was just a regular guy who clearly had concerns over taking care of his health.  And on some level, even if it just be according toCanada’s Food Guide, we had a few things in common, like our vegetable choices. I hope he had fun at his barbeque. He taught me a lesson today.

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  1. Tim Stewart

    Excellent re-post. Loved it last time. Loved it this time.

    Keep it up sis. You may even develop a “biker” following…..!!

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