Jul 23 2012

Morning music and prepping for the first wash.

It’s great to have my family back together again under one roof.

I heard the sound of the basement door opening and my oldest son groggily saying, “Good Morning, Mom!”  A couple of minutes later, my daughter came down the stairs and brightly said, “Hey, what are you guys doing?” as she pulled up a seat at the kitchen table.  She’s always alert and cheery when she wakes up.  Their greetings were simple but I may as well have heard a chorus of angels.  My youngest son is still sleeping and will probably be for a few hours still but I can hear the creak of the floor every now and again as he drifts between his dreams and the new day.  Occasionally there is a thump on the wall, probably from one of his gigantic arms or legs. He’s getting way too big for the bed he is in and it’s the normal standard size.

We must have supersized him when he we ordered him from heaven.

So we sit at the table as my son and I nibble on cold pizza from the night before. We take a look at my son’s head shots and my daughter goes over her computer documents and lists she has made to prepare for her move.

Then the music starts. My son pulls up a few of his favourites and talks about each one as it plays.

The band;  A Tribe Called Red and the song is called “Electric Pow Wow Drum.” The three of us get caught up in the music. My oldest son had sent this to me last week and I listened and danced to it with  my youngest son while I cooked in the kitchen preparing for the weekend events.

 and then we move on to a song by Frank Ocean called “Forest Gump” 

I love how my children help me to expand.

Then we spend the next half hour, sharing songs from all eras. We comment on the choices and some cause us to sing out loud in unison.

It’s only 10 am. We’re already making a new memory that will keep us company when we are apart again.

The weekend was full of memories; I hadn’t laughed that deeply in a while. It was the kind of weekend when you wake up in the morning and already start the “remember when somebody said that or did that.”

There were moments that were so awkward, moments that came in such close succession that it would have been more ridiculous to try to cover over them. So we pointed out the awkwardness openly and then laughed even harder.

It was spent with family and friends. The circle was full as we gathered in the living room and kitchen, eating and talking and telling stories of the past. In this house was a great mix of people with one common goal, to gather around and send my daughter off on her journey with the support and encouragement of her family and friends behind her.

It’s a countdown now to  all the changes that are on the way. Some are already underway.

My husband and I talked about it again last night. He says people are coming and going in and out of our life all the time. That’s why we always leave our door open. That’s life.

I like that he said that. Opening the door to letting new people and experiences come in is as important as keeping the door open to let go of people and experiences that need to leave, even when it’s hard to do so. There has to be freedom for everyone.

The three of us talk about how well we rested last night and the dreams that we had.

I tell my daughter I dreamed about painting the room I am in. I am in my home but I am also in the home I grew up in. I am painting the ceilings and the walls. It’s a thick white paint, like a standard primer or gesso.

My daughter says, “Sounds like a new beginning, a fresh start!”

I have to agree.  It’s a new beginning for all of us. As much as a part of me would still like something to rely on, I know all I need is someplace to begin.  It does seem to be that I am preparing a blank canvas.

I am wondering what the first wash of colour will be.



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  1. Tim Stewart

    We had a wonderfult time sis. It’s always so nice to get together to share some stories and a few laughs. We know that Sam will do well with her new adventure! Sorry that we missed Donny.

    1. Constance Stewart Meloche

      That was fun, wasn’t it? I’m glad you came.

      1. Tim Stewart

        Absolutely, haven’t laughed like that in some time. We wouldn’t have missed it for anything. We look forward to status updates on Sam’s grand adventure.

  2. Cindy

    What a wonderful day this sounds like! My boys have expanded my love of music even more by introducing me to their great new music & I love having all of us under one roof enjoying days like this, too!
    This is such a timely post for me as soon we will all be going different directions with back to college for my youngest; a new state and graduate school for my oldest; and a possible job relocation for us for the winter.
    Lots of changes, always! You help me know that joyful days like this one still abound and fun aventures are ahead through it all.
    (Oh, do you like Arctic Monkeys? ~ “505” and Piledriver Waltz” are a couple of my favorites).

    1. Constance Stewart Meloche

      Cindy, I listened to both and loved both. Thanks.
      I especially like the line in 505, ” the middle of adventure such a perfect place to start”
      Sounds like lots of changes for you too! Aren’t you so excited to see what happens next?

      1. Cindy

        So glad you liked them! Alex Turner is such a great lyricist!! ~another line from that song I love is
        “I crumble completely when you cry…” oh my.
        (I’ve always been a huge Jackson Browne fan, but Alex may be my new crush 😉

        Just back from vacation~ trying to get caught up and read your newest posts!


        1. Constance Stewart Meloche

          Oh yes,I picked up on that line as well. Isn’t it great how some lyrics can just reach right in and make you almost breathless. I think music is the all time best invention ever!!!!!!! Did you take lots of pics on your vacation?

  3. Cindy

    MY repaired camera came back the day after we came home!! Just had my little point and shoot but that was kind of nice in a way…not lugging camera gear everywhere for a change & just a few shots of family and beach scenes and the sweet old cottages along the east coast~ I could live there!

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