Jul 01 2012

A lullabye to get you through- advice from Mom lesson 3

“All We Are” by Kim MItchell.

Sometimes, words don’t help but a theme song will.

When your heart is broken and that will happen; when everything is changing and that’s a certainty; when no one seems to have the answers and sometimes there aren’t any; find a theme song and hang on to it for dear life. Play it over and over, sing it to yourself. It doesn’t have to have the answer, it just has to resonate with how you feel.

If you don’t have one of your own songs, I’ll lend you one of mine until you find yours. Kim Mitchell, the brilliant Canadian Musician has no idea just how many a heart-break he helped me through when I was your age. It’s the most beautiful song I have ever heard, as beautiful as any soothing lullaby. Sing it loud, sing it in front of the mirror as you do the “ugly cry”. Then call me to talk it out. I’ll be here…always.


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