Jun 22 2012

Advice from Mom Lesson 2- $hit does happen. Be prepared.

I have to keep it short. My kids don’t have the interest to read long posts. My daughter says I’m too wordy, too many adjectives etc.

I’ll sum it up then.


Lesson Two: Let’s talk about Life


  1. You will be born
  2. Lots of $hit is gonna happen
  3. You’ll get older and then think about all the $hit that happened.
  4. More $hit will happen.


Don’t be too concerned about it. The $hit that happened today, if the conditions are right, will disappear into the ground tomorrow.

Laugh about it!

Embrace it!

Remember that $hit makes the flowers grow.  You are the beautiful flower. Bloom baby! Bloom!

It doesn’t matter what is piled on top of you. A pile of cement can’t keep your nature down. Eventually you’ll find a crack and burst your way through.  It’s the law of life. Nature always wins. By nature you are strong and resilient.

Be a perennial. In the fall of your life, when you find yourself cut down, remember you’re just being pruned for better growth in the spring. Rest a while and trust that spring will be here soon. You’ll be back and better than you were before.

Enjoy your time in the sun and out in the open. Know what kind of flower you are and what you need to grow. Flowers don’t do well if they’re hidden behind everything.

Realize if you’re out in the open, you may get stepped on. You might get peed on by a mangy critter of some kind. Sometimes, you might meet someone a little squirrely that tries to get at the root of who you are and steal your soul, the bulb from where you came. Trust that you have the strength to stay rooted.

After a long difficult winter season in your life, your roots might need a boost. Give time to your spiritual life and throw in a couple of seeds of therapy, even if it’s reading or spilling your guts to a trusted friend. . Talk about it, look at it closely, nurture yourself. It’s as good as any Miracle Gro or Quick Start.

Eventually you’ll grow tall and strong enough that the $hit will just fall at your feet.



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  1. Maureen

    Love this!!! Connie…you have such an amazing, creative way with words!! You should write a book one day!!

  2. Karen

    I tried to send you a message but im not sure I sent it right. Anyway I said that I think you have a book here with your lessons from Mom!!! I have had a lot of time to browse the internet and Ive been reading your stuff. I really think you should send it in to some publisher somewhere and see where it goes!!! Karen

    1. Constance Stewart Meloche

      Hey Thanks Karen- maybe someday I will. I do think about it sometimes but then I get sidetracked cleaning the house or trying on last seasons pants to see if they still fit or painting the bathroom for the umpteenth time. Then I think about what I would write about that would not only hold someone’s attention span but my own.
      Maybe I need one of those old fashioned typewriters and a cottage somewhere- of course with lots of windows and a white picket fence. I will bring my dog who will fetch all of the crumpled up false starts of paper from the floor…..I will have writer’s block….and take to drinking…..but then…..one morning, there will be a light tapping sound at the window that will rouse me from my drunken stupor. I’ll squint and make my way to the window, wearing of course a fabulous white billowy flounce of a nightgown- ( because I am a refined and well dressed drunk). At that moment, the one where I pull the edge of the eyelet curtain just enough to answer my curiosity…the same one where a beam of light streams in highlighting the dancing bits of dust in the air…from the floor I just stirred up by the dragging of my gown across it- in that moment and from what has been revealed ……I will be inspired to write the most delightful tale of life and it’s unfoldings.
      Maybe I need to do that!

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