Apr 28 2012

The Musical Soundtrack of my Life

I’m heading out the door: I’m on my way to work. I’m back out into the world again after a very very long time and I am energized and feel very much alive every time I head to my job. I bounce to the car, throw my briefcase and my lunch in the back seat, slide into the driver seat and strap on my seat belt. I reverse and pull out into the street, roll down the window about 4 inches and begin to cruise down the street, fumbling for my sunglasses to shade the bright morning sun. The wind is blowing in my hair. I turn on the radio and hear Vanessa Carlton singing, “Making my way downtown, walking fast,  faces pass …..”. I am exhilerated. It’s a perfect song for this morning.

Music is an absolute miracle. The idea that someone somewhere at sometime figured out that out of  things like rocks and twigs, mammoth ivory, bones and animal skins, beautiful music could be made,absolutely astonishes me. It’s incredible. The idea that someone can take a deep breath in and upon a controlled exhalation create such a sound  that can start the healing of  a broken heart with their own voice brings tears to my eyes. Music is a miracle.

Music can bring you to your feet and soothe a tired mind. It is your friend on a lonely night, a companion to drive home with on a long stretch of highway. It understands your anger and your pain and expresses what you cannot. It expresses the love and joy  in your heart just by listening to it and trying to sing along. It takes note of every important event in your life and acts as a bookmark to your most triumphant moments and your deepest lessons learned. It helps you to remember your younger days and your carefree ways. Simply by pressing the play button on your stereo, you travel back in time to the night you kicked off your sandals and danced wildly on the beach to Rock the Casbah in 1982. You find yourself swaying to the music in the gym at your first grade school seniors dance to the sound of the Bee Gees “How Deep Is Your Love”.

I listen to Frank Sinatra and I am once again a little girl sitting on the couch with my brothers and sisters watching my mother and father dancing in the middle of the room to “Summer Wind”. I can still picture it. The seven of us, all dressed in our pajamas getting reading for a night of Walt Disney. The big old Zenith console radio is still playing softly from the bottom of the bookshelf. Ol’ Blue Eyes would come on and my father would swoon across the room and take my mothers hand and lead her to the makeshift dance floor. He held her hand gently in his,like any gentlemen would and he would twirl her and glide her across the shag rug. She always seemed so shy when she danced with him and they would look at each other and my father would be grinning, his posture confident and tall like he was proud to have her in his arms. It was beautiful. It really was beautiful.

I remember the songs that played in the background of every heartache and break up, like anything from Journey or as sappy as it sounds, Air Supply. What can I say,  I was all out of love. I remember the songs from the nights I spent with friends, laughing until we cried; singing Tom Petty or The Gap Band at the top of our lungs as we cruised the main drag of our small city or the dirt cottage roads where I spent the better part of my summers staying with a dear  friend.

There are songs that are forever embedded in your brain. Everytime I hear that song by Gordon Lightfoot, Sundown…you better take care…., I think of the twister that hit our small town, just a block away from where I grew up  in the spring of 1974. It was playing on the radio that evening and to this day, when I hear it, I get shivers up my spine.

Then there are the songs that pulled me up by the bootstraps and told me to be stronger, that inspired me to reach for something more, like Tom Petty’s “I won’t back down” or Wilson Phillips “Hold On” or “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. My favourite is “Fix You” by Coldplay. Shivers on that one.

I listen to alot of music, everyday. Certain songs have stood out as the soundtrack of my life. I am comforted and I am taken on a journey away from the worries of life and I am taken to places deep inside of myself. It doesn’t matter to me what anyone else is listening to. It doesn’t matter to me if some of the music I listen to is not the popular choice. I will stay loyal to the music I have listened to throughout the years, and I am sure I will welcome and embrace even more. They have helped me to grow and to heal and to seek out my own creative expression.

It’s been a tough day at work. My feet are aching, I am hungry and tired. I met a few difficult people and I am feeling a little vulnerable.My back and shoulders are stiff with tension and I have a headache. I head to the car and whip my briefcase into the backseat. my lunch is half eaten, the day was so busy. I flick off the soggy piece of lettuce and toss it to a nearby seagull. I take one stale bite that is now stuck to the roof of my mouth. I turn on the radio as I break down. I shout, ” Could thith day have thucked even more?” I try to sing along to cheer myself, my voice is cracking so  I take in a deep breath in  and then try to control my exhale. With tears rolling down my cheeks I whimper out.  “Got my hands up, they’re playin my thong, I know I’m gonna be ok. Yeah! It’s a party in the U Eth A.

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  1. Anthony

    Shinedown – I’ll Follow You….great song!

    1. Anthony

      Shinedown – I’ll Follow You…I don’t know what it is about this song, but I’ve been in a funk the last little while and this just makes me feel better! Great song, and the singer has an amazing voice!

      1. Constance Stewart Meloche

        Thanks for the song suggestion. I just listened to it and I love it. It is now added to the soundtrack of my life. If you have any more just post them here. I always appreciate it.

        1. Anthony

          You might also enjoy the song “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons. Very odd band name, but incredibly great song!

  2. Maureen

    I LOVE this post!!! Reading it brought back so many fond memories of my childhood and younger years!!! I especially love the part about Mom and Dad dancing in the living room when we were little. I rememeber that so clearly!! Dad was such a gentleman, wasn’t he?!? Who does that sort of thing these days?? How many couples today slow dance in their living room?? Dad was so romantic!!!

    I enjoyed reading this so much!!!

    1. Constance Stewart Meloche

      I’m glad you liked it Maureen. Wasn’t that just the best thing ever- the two of them dancing together. Dad was definitely romantic.

  3. Mona

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post!!! How heartwarming! And you’re so right about the “Sundown” song, I get the same feeling. Glad I took the time to read your blog! Looking forward to more! God Bless!

    1. Constance Stewart Meloche

      Glad you enjoyed it Mona. That sundown song- yikes!!!

  4. Karen Ducharme


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